What’s Coming To Netflix In August 2017?

Netflix is many people’s guilty pleasure. Sometimes, you just want to dress in your comfortable clothes and sit snuggled up in front of the TV, and flick through the numerous films and series Netflix has to offer. Let’s have a … Continue reading

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Buying a TV in 2017: What to Look For

It can be overwhelming to buy a new TV, as modern ones have a wide variety of new features that might make you wonder what to get. With different prices, resolutions, and TV screen sizes to choose from, it can … Continue reading

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5 Great Games You Can Play With Your Children

Today’s video games provide hundreds of hours of endless fun, with the major gaming consoles producing thousands of games. New technology is allowing these consoles to give a better gaming experience, especially when connected to 4K televisions that ensure you … Continue reading

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The Rise of the TV Streaming Services

Watching TV hasn’t been the same since services life Netflix came around. Instead of having to watch what your television is broadcasting, with streaming services you can choose what you want to see. Modern television is moving away from channels … Continue reading

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What Are the Best Family Movies of 2017?

Family films are great when you want to relax and have a lazy evening, but choosing one to watch can seem like a lot more hassle than it’s worth when it can take a lot of debate and research to … Continue reading

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The Questions You Need to Ask When Purchasing a New TV

There are many important factors and stages that go into purchasing a new TV; you can’t possibly go into a store and buy the first one you see, and that’s if you choose to leave the comfort of your home … Continue reading

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Spotlight on 55 Toshiba 55L7453DB

If you had to pick between reputable brands such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, or Toshiba, which would you choose? Even though Toshiba is not technically classed as one of the top 3 (Panasonic, Sony and Samsung), they tend to be … Continue reading

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Spotlight on: 55 Samsung UE55JU6800

This Samsung UE55JU6800 is a 55 Inch, Ultra HD, LED TV, which usually sells for just under the £1,000 mark. The sleek, slimline chrome monitor is the cheapest of the Samsung Nano Crystal technology, combined with smart technology. This Ultra … Continue reading

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Benefits of Ultra HD 4K Television

Ultra HD and 4K television is the same thing, and televisions sporting this technology have enough pixels for four 1080p televisions. That’s right, Ultra HD 4K televisions have 3,840 pixels x 2,160 pixels – which is only slightly less than … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Sony’s Premium 2017 HDR 4K UHD TV

In 2017 we can look forward to some exciting new developments in Sony’s range of Premium HDR 4K UHD TVs: from their first OLED TV, the A1E, to improvements to the already fantastic X940D and the X940E. You can look … Continue reading

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