What’s Coming To Netflix In August 2017?

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Netflix is many people’s guilty pleasure. Sometimes, you just want to dress in your comfortable clothes and sit snuggled up in front of the TV, and flick through the numerous films and series Netflix has to offer. Let’s have a look at what’s coming to Netflix in August.

Icarus (Documentary)

Release Date: 4th August.

As you may know, most of the news spotlight has been given to politics and world affairs recently. This movie centres around one of the biggest scandals in sporting history – the Russian doping scandal. Russia has had the most Olympic medals stripped (37) for doping violations.

The premise of Icarus follows an American filmmaker and cyclist who unwittingly wades into a global scandal when a Russian scientist leaks shocking details of a vast doping conspiracy. Netflix paid $5 million for the production.

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Season 3)

Release Date: 4th August.

Netflix’s reboot of Voltron has been successful, with the series already renewed for multiple seasons beyond even season 3. The series is set to continue developing the characters and we’ll see new enemies and allies in the next season of Voltron, scheduled for the first week of August.


Release Date: 11th August.

If you’re a fan of light hearted comedies, then this new release will be for you. Marlon Wayans is the lead star in this movie that pits him waking up every single day being naked in an elevator and having to deal with a group of people finding him there.

Marvels The Defenders (Season 1)

Release Date: 18th August.

This Marvels miniseries is Augusts’ biggest release for Netflix. Entitled ‘The Defenders’, it will bring together Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist to go up against the formidable organization known as The Hand.

The eight episodes will be explosive and likely to set up the story for many more standalone titles to come.

Death Note

Release Date: 25th August.

When Death Note was first announced it faced a bit of criticism, but some people were won over by the first trailer. In recent years, we’ve seen a shift where Hollywood is looking at manga and anime for inspiration, like with the Scarlett Johansson remake of Ghost in the Shell, and Netflix are going for a serialised version of Death Note.

Intoxicated by the power of a supernatural notebook, a young man begins killing those he deems unworthy of life.

Disjointed (Season 1)

Release Date: 25th August.

This new comedy sitcom from the legendary Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum stars the amazing Kathy Bates. This new stoner comedy has 20 episodes coming at the end of August, and we see Bates running a clinic that has some controversial therapy techniques.

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

The release of the first Wet Hot American Summer feels like a distant memory but, thanks to Netflix, it’s being brought back one last time as we visit the characters at camp, ten years later. The first Netflix Original reboot which saw the first day ay camp, was widely well received with the well-known cast playing their younger selves.

The next season looks set to bring back our favourite stars, including Amy Poehler, Chris Pine, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Kristen Wiig.

Atypical (Season 1)

Release Date: 11th August.

In this new Netflix Original series, Netflix is going head on with the subject of growing up with autism, specifically in the late teens. Keir Gilchrist plays Sam, an 18-year-old who’s navigating the coming of age journey of becoming his own person with a protective mother, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh.

August is bringing plenty of new shows for us to enjoy through Netflix. Are you going to be watching? Here at Cheap LED TVs, we’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of graded televisions to the wholesale and retail industries, including smart TVs with the Netflix app. Get in touch with a member of our team today for more information on what we have in store.

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