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    Graded: Grade A
    "Graded" televisions are items that High Street retailers can't sell on for various reasons. This may be because the TVs are surplus stock, end of line/discontined models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with damaged packaging.

    When the TVs come into us at Electronic World they are technically tested, processed, repackaged and offered for sale. Before sale, all televisions undergo a comprehensive quality control process by our engineers. In the majority of cases the item will be supplied with its original packaging and will be in excellent condition and are classed as "Grade A" - the items we sell are not used but can have minor signs of handling. If the original packaging is not supplied we will supply other secure packaging to keep the TV well protected in transit. Items are generally in excellent condition but can have some small marks on the outer casing/stand. Screens will be pristine unless otherwise mentioned. If there are any defects or noticeable marks/scratches we will attach pictures of the item and the description will detail any cosmetic damage on the items.

    All TVs sold on this website carry a 12 month 'return to base' warranty provided by ourselves (unless otherwise stated). Our guarantee on all of our products demonstrates our confidence in each and every product we sell. Upon collection the TV is unwrapped and you are given a demonstration of the TV for your peace of mind. This really is an amazing way to save hundreds off "Brand New" prices without sacrificing any of the quality or performance!
    Pixel Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
    Measures the number of vertical lines by the number of horizontal lines which can be displayed by the TV. A TV with a high pixel resolution will have more pixels on screen making images appear sharper and clearer.
    Picture: 1000Hz
    Smart: Screen Mirroring, Facebook/Twitter, YouTube, Catch Up TV, Android TV, Smart TV
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi Ready, USB Port, 4 HDMI

So what is 3D?

Very simply, 3D televisions allow you to view 3-dimensional images on screen. By viewing something in 3D, the images really come to life, giving depth to what you are watching and making you feel part of the action. The chances are that you are aware of 3D technology already; you can’t have failed to notice the floods of 3D movies at the cinema, or maybe you’ve even watched a 3D sporting event on a 1080p 3D TV. Now cheap 3D TVs are increasingly available for everyone to enjoy in their homes.

How does 3D work?

3D TVs work by superimposing two separate images onto the same screen, and you then view those images through specially designed 3D glasses that allow you to view both images as one.
3D technology has been around for decades; the heyday being in the late 1980s and 1990s. Back then, 3D viewing was made possible through ‘passive’ glasses (remember those white glasses with red and green coloured lenses?) that contained polarized filters to restrict the amount of light that reached the viewers’ eyes.
Why the modern day version of 3D technology is so exciting is that we now have ‘active’ technology in the glasses. Active technology uses active liquid crystal shutter glasses, which contain liquid crystals that can be made opaque; thus acting as a shutter for the eyes. Viewers are required to wear these glasses to watch 3D televisions because they quickly block each eye in sequence, ensuring that each eye only sees the corresponding image being displayed on the display screen.
These glasses allow the viewer to watch one image for their left eye and another one for their right eye, which generates the most spectacular images on 3D TVs to date.

What kinds of things are now using 3D technology?

More and more content is being released in 3D; movies are now commonly filmed in 3D, which means cinema visits for 3D movies and also 3D Blu-ray films for your cheap 3D TVs. Sport is also being filmed in 3D, with Sky allowing users to watch football, golf and even darts in 3D, and even more content on the horizon for users of 3D televisions.
The latest area to go 3D mad is the gaming world. We expect that by next year you will be able to play some of the leading games titles whilst benefiting from the full capabilities of 3D TVs.

So how do I get 3D?

In order to watch 3D you will need one of our cheap 3D TVs, and we even offer full HD or even 4K HD models to really enhance your viewing experience. Then you just have to choose what content you want to watch. For 3D films, you can buy a 3D Blu-ray player or PS3, whilst for sport and other TV content you will need to contact your TV service provider to ensure you are subscribed to content suitable for a 1080p 3D TV. The only other addition you will need is the right connectivity. A standard HDMI cable, such as you would use for a HD TV, will not support 3D content, so you will need to pick up a 1.4 HDMI cable which is compatible with your new 1080p 3D TV. That’s it! With all the gear available, now you have all you need to make your 3D dream a reality.
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