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LCD TVs Buying Guide

LCD TVs don't have a "tube" like traditional televisions, so they are ultra thin and light. You can even hang cheap LCD TVs on your wall like a painting, although it’s possibly best to let a professional do it for you. Along with Plasma screens, LCD HDTVs have become hugely successful, and are set to take over from traditional CRT TVs as the most popular kind of worldwide television by 2009. But what makes LCD TVs so special?

How does an LCD TV work?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD Televisions use the same technology found in everything from digital clocks, to computer monitors. A network of hundreds of thousands of tiny LCD pixels sits behind the TV screen. Behind these pixels is a fluorescent white backlight. When the light hits the pixels, an electric current determines how much light is fed into one of three chambers; namely red, blue and green. The amount determines what colour appears on the screen, and the millions of tiny light variations make up the image that you see on your HD ready LCD TVs.

What are the benefits of an LCD TV?

Crisp and clear: The screens on LCD HDTVs have more pixels per square inch than a CRT TV, meaning you get a sharper image (it's worth remembering that, like all TVs, there are LCD screens that have better clarity than others, such as high quality widescreen LCD TVs).
Less reflection, less glare: Because of the backlight, LCD TVs won't flare up when the sun hits them, and they don't flicker, making them easier on the eye.
Wide viewing angle: Though not quite as versatile as a plasma screen, because an LCD TV is flat you can watch it from a wide angle in the room.
Save space, look sharp: Cheap LCD TVs are so compact that a 15" flat panel LCD screen gives you the same amount of viewable screen as a traditional 17" CRT display.
It looks good, even when it's off: This might not be your first concern, but LCD televisions are sleek and slim, easily mounted on a wall or fitted snugly against the side of your living room.
Films as they were meant to be seen: LCD screens often come with a widescreen aspect ratio. Put simply, this means that you can watch movies and DVDs the way they were intended; not "boxed" in to fit a CRT screen.
No "Image Burn": Although this is becoming less of an issue with plasma screens, many TVs still run the risk of suffering "image burn"; namely when an image paused on the screen for a long time leaves a trace. LCD TVs do not have this problem
No scan lines: Look closely at a traditional CRT screen and you can see thin lines. Plasma and widescreen LCD TVs do not have these.
Lower emissions and better power conservation: LCD TVs are more economical to run than both plasma and CRT TVs. They can even help you save on your electricity bills, consuming about 60% less power than traditional televisions.

What to look for when buying an LCD TV

Is the tuner included?
Many cheap LCD TVs come with the tuner built in, but it is worth checking to see if you need to buy a separate TV tuner. Most of the LCD TVs on come with tuners already installed.

Does it have Freeview?
Some LCD televisions come with Freeview already installed. This is the free digital TV service that gives you access to dozens of extra TV and radio channels, from BBC3 to Film4.

What is the brightness and contrast?
LCD HDTVs vary in their brightness and contrast, and therefore picture quality. The contrast ratio is a measurement between the lightest and darkest pixels; you should try and aim for a minimum of 400:1. Brightness is a measurement of the intensity of light. It's measured in cd/m2, and the higher the number of these, the better the quality of picture.

How about the viewing angle?
Some widescreen LCD TVs have better viewing angles than others. Try to find a television with a 150-degree horizontal angle or better.

What kind of connection ports does it have?
You will need at least one SCART socket, as well as s-video and component inputs. Some screens come with USB hubs, allowing you to connect peripherals such as digital cameras or computer connections for your PC.

HDMI Connection
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a high quality single cable connection for enhancing video and audio data. HDMI is ideal for use with HD ready LCD TVs. A HDMI DVD Player would also enhance picture and sound quality from a standard DVD to near HD quality when used with HD ready LCD TVs.
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