Which LED TV Is Right for Me?

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With LED TV making such an impact since its development in 2009, it can be challenging to find the right one for you amongst such a vast array of choices.

To ensure you get what you want, you need to understand what you’re buying; this is true for any purchase, including TVs. So let’s start at the beginning with what is a LED TV exactly?

What Is An LED TV?

The unique feature of a LED TV is the light-emitting diodes (or LEDs) in the screen. There are two ways that LEDs are installed into a TV set, each with its own benefits.

The first type is only installed at the edge of the screen to create an edge-lit display. When these LEDs are activated, they only illuminate the screen from the edges, revealing the image. These concessions of LEDs save on cost but may result in a darker and lower quality image overall.

The second type of LED layout is called a full-array LED TV. This is when the LEDs are installed behind the screen. It can also be known as a direct LED setup. The advantages of the full array are that you get a higher quality and brighter image simply due to having more bulbs per inch installed in your TV. Whilst this will usually increase the cost of your TV, the long term gains may be worth it.

Either of these layouts will work in conjunction with a separate display such as an LCD screen, for example, to create the final image you see.

Hopefully, knowing these fundamental differences will help you choose your LED TV. Deciding what you want the TV for is a great way to start looking for your TV. If you want a new set for the family to share, we recommend sticking with one of our cheap LED TVs with a full array setup for a better viewing experience.

Different LED TV Brands

The fundamentals can seem redundant with so many different brands offering a variety of features in their LED TVs, but it’s the best place to start. After that, you should explore what each brand specialises in. 

Each LED TV brand will be better at something than its opponents. Whilst no single company is better at everything, you can decide what matters to you the most in your TV and discover the brand that’s the best at fulfilling it. Below we’ll explore some of the best brands you could choose in 2022.

Samsung LED TVs

Image of an LED Samsung TV

Samsung is one of the top TV brands worldwide. We’re proud of our cheap Samsung LED TVs selection, and it’s not hard to see why. Samsung is known for its eclectic range of price points whilst maintaining a persistent quality level. Samsung prefers to specialise in LED and LCD TVs, but they plan to explore a range of cheap 4K TVs as the year progresses.

Samsung has broken away from the crowd for their high-end TV sets by avoiding OLED. Instead, Samsung specialises in quantum dot LEDs (or QLED). These QLED TV panels contain thousands of micro LEDs to create outstanding image quality.

Samsung is also exploring 8K TVs for their higher-end sets and pioneering breakthroughs like ultra viewing angle technology to keep their products the most desired in the marketplace. In addition, Samsung specialises in balancing your image quality with your budget and giving you the best TV streaming experience possible.


An image of an LG LED TV

Cheap LG OLED TVs have led to a recent resurgence in the popularity of OLED. LG’s experience with all LED / OLED TVs means that you can trust their products to provide vivid colours with sharp contrasts for the most cinematic image quality you can find. We supply a range of cheap LG LED TVs that can be the perfect choice for that movie night in with the family.

Sony LED TVs

Image of a Sony LED TV

Over the years, Sony has created some of the most genuinely breathtaking TVs you can buy. When choosing cheap Sony LED TVs, you’ll find that they specialise in balancing outstanding image quality with an aesthetically pleasing case design, so even when off your TV will be a thing of beauty.

Sony also makes sure that its sets provide the highest quality audio you can find. Sony’s experience in the music industry has benefited their TV designs immensely. Their high-end sets now come with Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+, an audio driver system that emits sound through the TV panel itself. This has significant advantages over other brands that project the audio from strategically placed speakers on the bottom or back of the TV.

LED TVs At Cheap LED TVs

At Cheap LED TVs, we specialise in providing a varied range of high-quality LED TVs to suit all tastes. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering LED TVs in big-name brands at minimal prices. Please browse our website today to see what we have available, or contact us online to ask any questions you may have about your LED TV requirements, and one of our team will happily help.

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