5 Great Games You Can Play With Your Children

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Today’s video games provide hundreds of hours of endless fun, with the major gaming consoles producing thousands of games. New technology is allowing these consoles to give a better gaming experience, especially when connected to 4K televisions that ensure you have the best possible image quality.

It can be difficult to parse through all of these games and choose ones that your children can play and that you enjoy, so we’ve compiled a list of a few games you can play with the whole family!

LEGO® Dimensions

Any LEGO® game is a great option to play with your children. Fun and family-friendly, these games provide lighthearted versions of films such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel films, and much more. The supervillain Lord Vortech is attempting to control every universe in existence, which requires every LEGO® hero to save the day.

Regardless which heroes are your favourites, LEGO® Dimensions lets you tailor your adventure very easily.

Age: Everyone 10+


Rayman Legends

Extremely kid-friendly, Rayman Legends has stunning visuals, soundtrack, and gameplay. The game follows Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies through an enchanted forest. In it, they find a tent filled with mysterious paintings, each seemingly telling the story of a mythical world. Our heroes fall into a medieval painting, and the adventure begins.

Age: Everyone 10+


Portal 2

Ideal for developing puzzle solving skills, Portal 2 has a co-op feature called the Cooperate Testing Initiative. Two players can cooperate and run through a series od test courses that require a lot of, well, cooperation between the players. Perfect to ensure your child has a gaming option that gets the brain going – while you can join in and help with the most complicated puzzles and have great bonding time!

You can also find Portal 2 in LEGO® Dimensions!

Age: Everyone 10+


Rocket League

If you’re looking for a fun multiplayer sports game, look no further! Rocket League is a combination of physics and football where cars are the players. You control a rocket-powered car, which needs to hit the ball and direct towards the opponents’ goal. A series of boosts and strategies can be used for more efficiency, but this game provides entertaining gameplay filled with crazy stunts and flips in a giant arena.

Age: Everyone



This multiplayer side-scrolling game is a fun racing adventure you can play with your children. In SpeedRunners, you play in a city full of superheroes in which you race to be the winner. Using a combination of jumping, running, swinging, and items such as bombs and grappling hooks, you have to keep running to ensure your opponents stay behind you.

Age: Everyone 10+

Whether you have a smart TV or an LED TV, you can try out these fun games with your family and have fun bonding time!

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