What Does the Future Hold for TV Technology?


While we currently seem to be enjoying the 4K and the 3D technologies that still seem new, as we progress into the future, we are sure to see even more technological improvements.

TVs are now smarter than ever before and are getting smarter all the time and, with manufacturers conjuring up new technology and producers creating increasingly superb programmes and films, our screens have never looked so good. A big question on the tip of all telly-connoisseurs’ tongues is: what can we expect to see in the future to make our goggle-box even more exciting? And how many pixels are we going to be able to reach and just exactly what resolution are we going to achieve?

Keep reading to find out what we here at Cheap LED TV’s are thrilled to hear may be coming to our screens in the future.

Next Resolution and Colours

While here at Cheap LED TVs we think that Ultra HD is pretty cool, it’s also a mere stepping stone into the bigger and better resolution on its way very soon.

While we are all still getting used to 4K, 8K is on its way to our screens soon. In fact, it’s only a few years away. While a few parts of hardware and sneak peaks have slowly been revealed to us, there is still a slight problem.

When the TVs finally make their way onto the shop shelves, they are likely to cost us a large amount to begin with and, believe it or not, the human eye can’t actually tell the difference – unless you have a 100-inch set in your home and you are sat super close to see every single pixel.

While having 8k in our homes will be great, unless you’re willing to spend a whole lot of money for not much different the naked eye, we will stick to our 4K TVs for now.


Quantum Mechanics

When it comes to OLED vs LED, you may have heard that OLED wins the race every time. Many OLED TVs use an entirely different type of technology which also caused some slight problems. It uses an organic semiconductor layer that lights up when electricity is passed through it, however, while this tech comes with plenty of benefits, it also comes with high production costs.

However, the prices for OLED are now, fortunately, beginning to decrease, with more variants coming into stores. One of the variants of the TV tech includes quantum dot LED, where the LED panels have a thin film of nanocrystals in between the display and the backlight, which increases colour depth.

Samsung is one of the big players in this tech team, with many latest line-ups using this latest technology, promising deeper and richer colours like never before seen. What more do you want with your TV when it powers through quantum physics?



Shape Shifting

If anything is going to change with TV tech, surely, it’s not the shape of the screen? The rectangle TV is here to stay, right?

Well, while we can’t expect any drastic evolutions such as smell-o-vision or holograms, our screens aren’t just changing and adding a curve, but they are also changing shape in other ways.

Curved TVs certainly do enhance the viewing experience as well as the gaming experience. So much so that you feel like you could touch Tom Hardy or that you’re actually inside the game Skyrim. You get a wider field of view and better graphics but, as a slight downfall, reflections can be visible as well as there being problems with viewing angles.

One of the more interesting innovations in technology is perhaps the move towards TV screens becoming transparent. That’s right, transparent. These screens are set to be wafer thin and will seem to completely vanish when you’re not watching.

While we also attempt to get the super wide TV to catch on, it hasn’t been so successful yet. We will hopefully one day see the 21:9 aspect ratio become standard, as well as acting as a stepping stone into all around full 8k displays.


Unstoppable Content

Until now there has been limited content for anything higher than standard definition but, with Netflix and Amazon beginning to understand viewers’ needs, we are now starting to get more and more content, and they are now offering 4K streaming. BT, Sky and Virgin are also ramping up their 4K sports and movies available on their platforms, as streaming TV services are on the rise.

The further we get into the upcoming technology, the amount of content we will be able to get our hands on will also expand. Do we really have to wait that long?

While we may have to wait a while for some of the technology to come our way, until then we are happy with our 4K resolution, curved screens and the fabulous 3D tech. Until the day we have 8k and transparent screens, you can check out Cheap LED Tv’s fantastic range of TVs, including LED TVs, Smart TVs, 3D TVs, 4K TVs, and even a few bargains in our clearance section!


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